The regular practice of meditation can transform one’s life. The main benefit of meditation is that it enhances the feeling of happiness and well being. Meditation also has many health benefits which have been documented in scientific studies.

Meditation practices are an excellent method of becoming aware of, and understanding the complexes, phobias and conflicts which are usually hidden in one’s subconscious mind. Once these are recognized, they can be controlled and removed. As these problems are gradually removed, there is a progressive transformation in one’s life. There is a lasting feeling of happiness and well being.

Meditation is a good way to overcome depression, pessimism and stress. It increases Serotonin production which influences moods. Thus meditation can be used to control one’s moods, to replace negative states of mind with a state of happiness and well being.

Meditation reduces stress and thus leads to relief from diseases caused by stress. It has been proven that diseases like Hypertension can be mitigated by regular meditative practice. Since meditation leads to stress reduction and relaxation, the constriction of the blood vessels (caused by stress) is relieved. Thus meditation results in better blood circulation, lower blood pressure and less strain on the heart. Also relaxation of the body and mind relieves muscle tension and pain. Stress relief due to meditation will eliminate headaches. Meditation also enhances the immune system.

The peace and bliss experienced during meditation will beneficially affect one’s mental and physical state throughout the whole day and with constant practice one’s whole personality and behavior will be transformed. Try it and see for yourself.